Hi all,

Let me first introduce myself a bit. Since slightly over a year I work at Yoast. My main job is support, and recently managing the translations was added to it. Unfortunately, I only speak Dutch, English and German, so validating other languages is really hard, if not impossible, for me.

@ze-fontainhas recently pointed out to us that the pt_PT translations of our plugins are (as he put it) ‘a bloody disaster’. As you can imagine that hurt a bit as we’re really trying our best. Of course, I could take a course and learn Portugese, but I don’t think that would suffice at all.

Therefore we’re looking for a validator for Portugese (pt_PT) who is already successfully translating and/or validating for WordPress Core. Of course, as validator you’ll receive a free copy of all our plugins, eternal gratitude and the special validators badge (work in progress, but it’ll be more awesome than the translators badge we already have).

So, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask them here or send an email to translations@yoast.com. You can also contact me via twitter: @tacoverdo.